3 Main Reasons Why People Transfer Domain Names

3 Main Reasons Why People Transfer Domain Names

Domain name transfer is not an uncommon phenomenon these days. In fact, many people are transferring domain names today than ever. Domain name transfer involves changing your domain from one registrar to another. Keep in mind that you can only be allowed to transfer your domain name after 60 days of registration and if you’ve updated your information, including your first and last name, especially if you’re not a company. Read on to know the main reasons why people transfer domain names:

When they sell their hosting domain names

You can buy a domain name, use it for a while and decide to sell it later. This is possible. But once you sell it, you have to transfer it to the person you sold it to. People think that domain name transfer is easy and cheap. It’s a daunting task, and almost all registrars charge for it. However, if you can coordinate with your web hosting company and registrar, the process can be less time-consuming and inexpensive. In fact, some registrars do this process for you at no cost. What you will need abundantly is support, and those registrars or web hosting companies that charge a fee for that always offer the best support.

People decide to transfer their hosting domain names due to legal reasons

Registering a domain name requires that you follow specific copyright and trademark laws. Some people overlook this aspect, or some are completely unaware of it. So once they register a domain name and start doing business with it, they are hit with a letter from a lawyer demanding that they transfer the domain to the registrar they have infringed upon. There’s no other option here but to transfer the domain name because failure to do so may lead to a lawsuit, which you’re certain to lose.

People choose to transfer hosting domain names when they are changing hosts

You might have registered your domain name with a certain hosting company and find out later that they don’t offer the kind of service you want. You can choose to change the host. When you choose to do so, you have to transfer your domain name first. While this is not hard, there is a catch: You have to pay for the process.


So if you are thinking of transferring your domain name, go ahead and do it. Registrars and web hosting companies allow it. But you’ll have to follow their domain transfer guidelines and even pay for it if it’s stipulated in the guideline.

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