Buy a Domain Name: Tips For Renewing a Domain Name For Your Hosting Website

Buy a Domain Name: Tips For Renewing a Domain Name For Your Hosting Website

Domain Name For Your Hosting Website

The process of setting up a website is easy these days. All you need to do is buy a domain name, choose a web hosting company, and select the best web builder and your set to go. However, domain name and web hosting services have to be paid for every month, every year or according to the timeframe stipulated by the registrar or web hosting company. Today, we are interested in renewing a domain name. And this post is going to give you smart tips to have in your mind when it comes to renewing your domain name:

Keep an eye out for coupons when renewing the domain name for your hosting website

Some domain name registrars and web hosting companies offer coupons to their clients when restoring their domain names. So, if you intend to renew your domain name, keep an eye out for these coupons. Renewing a domain name costs money, and if it’s your first time to renew, you may find that the cost is slightly higher than the amount you paid to register the domain name. A coupon will help you save a lot of money when renewing your domain name.

Always make sure to renew your web hosting domain name on time

The registrar normally sends notifications to renew your domain name before its expiry date. If you don’t renew the domain name on time, it’s packed by the registrar, and you’re given a grace period of about 30 days (but this varies from one registrar to another) to renew it at no extra cost. If you still don’t renew the domain name within the 30 days, you’re still given time to renew it at no extra cost. However, once the last grace period expires, the domain name is listed on auction sites for someone else to buy it. At this time, you can only renew the domain name at an extra cost of about $80. Therefore, always renew your domain on time to avoid losing your domain name or paying an extra cost.

Always choose to renew your web hosting domain for over a year

Always select one-year renewal plan when you buy a domain name. One year renewal plans are a bit cheaper than one month, 3-month, or 6-month renewal plans. It also gives you a peace of mind knowing that you’ll run your website for a year without renewal notifications.


Make sure you remember these points when you decide to buy a domain name for your new website. A domain name is an asset for your business. You took the time to search for a good name, paid to register it and build good traffic and backlinks for it. Don’t let someone else snatch it under your nose.

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